The fate of the internet will determine our future


The Internet is under attack. Free speech, innovation and democracy are all up for grabs.


In Killswitch: The Battle to Control the Internet, Lawrence Lessig, Tim Wu and Peter Ludlow frame the story of two young hactivists,
Aaron Swartz & Edward Snowden, who symbolize the disruptive and dynamic nature of the Internet.
Their lives parallel one another as they free information to millions on the Internet,
putting them directly in the cross-hairs of the most powerful interests in the world.
Will this be a cautionary tale of what happens when you dare to take on elite power structures?
Or will it be the spark that ignites a revolution that will redefine democracy in the digital age?


Killswitch is a call-to-action: It is our hope that you use our documentary as a tool to continue to fight for a free and open Internet. is designed to be a resource to help you communicate and collaborate. What we do as individuals today will shape our collective future.
You have the power.


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    International non-profit, human rights, public policy and advocacy group mobilizing for global digital freedom
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    Revealing abuses of power, corruption and dereliction of duty by powerful public and private institutions, causing them to operate with honesty, integrity, accountability
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